In the dark

This world
it breaks people.
I’m beginning to believe that it is, in fact, its sole purpose.

The longer we stay in it, the more ruthless it becomes.
Lucky are those who were taken out first
or made the decision to go first.

Go where, you ask?
I’m in the dark, just like you are.

Maybe this world is meant to break us
like we do with glow sticks
and then maybe after a few hard cracks on our bones,
we will finally glow.

Where do we glow, you ask?
I’m in the dark, just like you are.

just maybe, we will be given the opportunity
to glow right where we were beaten up
just enough to show this world
that those cracks and slams did us nothing but good.

But then again,
maybe this world
is meant to break us

and maybe
just maybe,
we are not meant to glow
at all.


daydreams and nightmares: You.

A time once lived faithfully
vivid and full of energy
passionate and untamed,
slowly fades away
sliding into somebody’s unidentified history.
Now just a part of forgotten memories.

Lived it then, have faith that it will continue still.

Like a recurring dream, an out of body experience.
As fragrant as it first transpired,

The air grew bleak
the atmosphere went somber –
It came back.
An unforgiving nightmare this time
the kind that could kill in the sheets.