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Most of us are angry
Most of us are strangely
More alike than we’d like to believe

Most of us are empty
Most of us are simply
More alive in the scenes of our dreams

Then there’s you
You’ve got something I’ve been wanting,
You’re so new

You’re my salvage, you’re my balance,
You’re so new

Most of us are hurting
Most of us are searching
Someone to love
Someone to understand

Most the time I’m fighting
Multiple voices residing
In my head

Then there’s you
You bring silence to my violent truth
Yes, you do

You’re my salvage, you’re my balance,
You’re so new

New Balance – Jhene Aiko


It hit me like a tidal wave

No love is a mistake.

Love emerge and it stays
it doesn’t go away.

In some cases,
they grow absolute.

There are not enough references
or formulas
or numbers
in the world
to measure it.

Not enough sand on the ground
not enough stars in the sky.

When you have that kind of love,
hold on to it.
Don’t, even for a second, think of letting that go.

Love doesn’t change.
It reveals the true nature of human connection, yes
but once you have that kind of love,
it doesn’t change.

I wouldn’t even dare to stand in the way
because there is no need to fight such ungodly energy
powered by the universe.

Instead, I’d bow my head and turn around.
Admit defeat and retreat.

I’ll find salvage
I’ll find balance.

Don’t turn your love away

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I am guilty of not trying hard enough to love my self most days.

The truth is,
We don’t always feel like we deserve love
even if it comes from our very own being,
so much that we forget how to channel love
from our hearts into our own heads.

It so much easier to love a best friend, a significant other, a pet, even a memento, but we couldn’t even look at ourselves in the mirror for longer than a couple of minutes.

It’s sad, it’s scary, but it’s the truth.

Start small, treat yourself today.
Buy that ceramic mug you have been wanting, eat the scrumptious apple pie you have been craving.
These days, the world is so unforgiving, the least we can do is to steer clear from being unkind to ourselves.

Scraping for Clues

Tell me

how does it feel to be so terrified
of the place you were meant to seek love from

to be so emotionally beat up
in the place you suppose to seek shelter in

to have an impossible amount of hatred
towards the bed you’re suppose to sleep in

You are them
and they are you

When time is no longer an accepted concept
nothing can ever separate the sun and its heat

so tell me

how do you take out your thoughts
from your own head?

Flashes and Blurs

and my sights blurred
hungry for a sense of satisfaction
at the same time I’m coming close to a combustion

I’m locked up
a prisoner of my own thoughts

They see it on their peripheral vision
but I see a creature of despair
of endless sorrow
of complexities

No matter where I move
it follows
Sometimes they come in pairs
sometimes in a mob
sometimes alone
and it’d be the worst one yet.

Hate me
or love me
they’re not going anywhere.