When the Sun shines

When he shines,
it is brighter than anyone else.

He lights up all the planets in the galaxy.

He is the source of energy,
where ray of light
and life come from.

The earth wishes she could have his brilliance all to herself,
but this is the sun we’re talking about.

His energy is vivid
it is not in his nature
to devote his youthful exuberance
to one planet
and one planet only.

written on August 17, 2018. 

2 Hours Down the Line

In literal meaning.
I have been waiting in line at the bank for over 2 hours now, probably closer to three.
Okay, well not exactly in line because I’m not standing in a queue, but I’ve been sitting here for well over 2 hours, just trying to activate and get my ATM card for the new bank account I just opened.

I have been working on my laptop and went out a couple of times, one of which was for coffee.

I was just so agitated and irked at how slow the line was moving. There are more than 30 people needing to see the customer service and only 2-3 people manning the desks.

In the past two hours my thoughts went to the god damn moon and back. But one thing for sure, I hated losing time.

Although I was working on my laptop the entire time, I felt unproductive. I hate just sitting around in one spot for hours on end.
I wanted to move, I wanted to feel productive and this situation is making it so hard for me to achieve that.

But, i have to deal with this, right? I have to get my card and I don’t really have no choice. I could just leave and try and come back tomorrow (like I have done multiple times before) but thinking about that made me even more frustrated, I felt like I had wasted my time coming in here in the first place.

So, I decided to just come on here and let all my frustration out.
I just had my first cup of coffee of the day and I am ready to tell you all about it (haha).

First mistake of the day (maybe not really, but i felt really frustrated about it), was waking up late.
I planned to wake up around 6:30 to 7 a.m. today as I knew I wanted an early start to the day. I even set up an alarm for that.
But my body was just not having it today. See, yesterday, I skipped dinner which made me really hungry in the middle of the night so I ended up binge eating on some pretty unhealthy food around 11 pm, which obviously sent me to the deepest sleep I’ve had all week. I ended up sleeping in and woke up at 9:30 am.
When I wake up late, I always get kind of annoyed with my self and usually it wouldn’t all be smooth sailing all day.
So I took a quick shower and had breakfast. Around 10:30 am I made my way down to the bank which isn’t too far away from where I live.
I was debating if I should get coffee on my way. I know this is very basic of me, but I do have to have coffee before I can properly function as a human being.
But I decided against it. “It wouldn’t take too long at the bank” I thought, “I’ll just get coffee afterwards on my way to the office”.


so I went 2 hours in a line, caffeine-less and I’m telling you, that is not something you want to be around.

So now I had to wait in the bank for 2 hours, which means my plan to go to the office is now ruined and my chance to rebuild my professional life is over.
I have failed as an aspiring adult.

So I worked from the bank, got coffee 2 hours in, and here we are. Still at the fucking bank. I have a couple people before me and then I will tell the unfortunate lady who will have to deal with me that I am so disappointed at how long it took them to just let me get my card and activate the banking system.

I am just a 25 year old who is trying to establish a secure savings account and just MAKE IT PAST THIS LIFE.
Is that too much to ask?!

Okay I’m done now.
If you made it this far, congratulations. You’ve lost 10 minutes of your life and you’ll never get it back.

This is very ranty and random but please take it lightly. Take my SAD experience in attempting to adult and let it entertain you somehow.
I’ll pack up my laptop now, they’re about to call my queue number and I’m going to walk up there and I look forward to intimidating them with the click-clack sound of my heels. Toodles!