Sidney & Sally

“Is it selfish? To want to die before anyone else does?
To want to just end everything now before anyone else could?
You see, I often feel like it’s easier if everyone just die already.
Think about it, there won’t be any problems. No conflicts, no clashes, no nothing.
It’s easier when everyone just… disappear”

“But it’s not possible though, is it, Sal?”

“Well, there’s seven billion people in this world, so, no, it’s not technically possible to kill everyone off.
But think about this. It’s easier to mourn the loss of someone and memorize them for the good times and good characters the possessed when they were alive, rather than, you know, solving conflicts and having to deal with people.
So if we can’t get rid of seven billion people, then maybe, we can get rid of one instead. Ourselves.”

“Wow. Haha. You know what, I think they should hear these kinds of thoughts of yours and I think they might just reconsider on calling me the sick one”

“Whatever, Sid, at least they don’t see me running around with polaroid cameras all the time, chasing moments that would already be gone by the time your pictures dry”

“Hey, sex, drugs and polaroids, Sally. You know me.”

“It’s kind of mind-fucking to actually think that we are best friends. People think that a boy and a girl can never be friends, until they see us. If only they knew that we came from entirely different time and space continuums”

“Actually, we ain’t that different, you and me. I’m sick and I let everyone see it. You, my friend, are also sick, but the difference is that you don’t let ever let it out.”

“Huh, I guess you’re not entirely off, but, whatever, at least I’m not the one who have developed a reckless sex behaviour and addicted to drugs. So that’s a win in my book”

“Well, drugs and sex. That’s a win in mine”

written on May 28, 2018.



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