Fitting The Past Into The Present

There was barely any light coming in from the window.
Its way have been blocked by the dark mahogany coloured blinds,
it was 5 am and it was raining.

As she rolled the blinds open,
she was reminded of the daily visual she would see almost every morning.

“It must have been three years ago now.
Crazy how much could change in three years”

Fully up on her feet, she showered,
jump out in a heart beat and put on the lightest coat of skin tint,
a layer of liquid cheek colour,
a wisp of lip creme,
and brushed mascara through her eyelashes and brows.

Next comes the pair of slouchy jeans she hasn’t put on in a while,
then the white t-shirt
and the oversized bomber jacket.

After making sure she locked all her doors three times,
she got into the driver’s seat on the 5 seater SUV.

The time was now 6 am as she drove away
from her comfortable house.
Lonely, but comfortable.

The stereo was now on,
on a low enough volume that doesn’t shut out the sound
of passing cars and motorcycles.

She headed for the park,
a green sanctuary in the heart of a bustling city.

She was hungry now,
but she opted for coffee.



written on May 28, 2018.


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