In time, my dear

Time. It’s a funny thing, don’t you think?
We never seem to get enough of it.
It always runs out so gosh-darn quickly, every time we need it most.

When we’re working to a deadline, for example.
If we could only have that extra 47 minutes,
we could probably check our grammar more thoroughly,
or choose a better design for that presentation.

Or when we’re cuddling up to the person we adore.
We’d wish for the sun to be late, just this once.
For it not to raise just minutes after we finally fell asleep,
we spent all night staring into each other’s eyes, for god’s sake.

Then I started thinking that time is not meant to be on our side,
as there are also moments when I wish it would just speed up.
Fast forward, in a blink of an eye.

When I’m sitting in the dentist’s office,
I cannot, for the life of me, bear the tension,
thinking of what he was going to do next,
if it was going to hurt more than it did the last time I went 6 months ago.

When my anxiety kicks in mid-flight. Oh, do I hate this one.
I knew that turbulences are normal in flights, okay,
but when my mind starts its free fall, good God.
You wouldn’t want to know the pictures it starts to play in my head.
Like snippets of the world’s most low-budget horror movie you would ever see,
but still frightening nevertheless.


It might just be some kind of a concept, created by humans,
so that they can comprehend things that are unfathomable.
Yet still, time found a loophole,
and work in such ways we can never make sense of.

Like that evening you applied for a job without really thinking about it,
you’d never thought that it would take you places,
and give you experiences you could never imagine.
Meeting new people, gaining unexplored knowledge,
and most importantly, travel like a nomad.

or that first day you stepped into the gym,
and ended up discovering this whole new world of exercising.
Now you’ve been doing it for years and you’ve realized that
not only is it a way to maintain your physical well being,
but it also serves as a platform to channel excess energy
(and emotions).
Boxing is great to let out aggression once in a while,
and you could always use Yoga for some inner peace. (Namasté)

To me,
time is a funny thing.
It just seems to always put me at the place
just exactly where it wanted me to be,
even when I think it is completely wrong.

Then I got to thinking,
maybe there isn’t ‘a right time’ for anything.
I will be put in a place just exactly when I’m supposed to be.
A little less cuddling, so I could live through the unbearable feeling of missing the person I just wanted to be next to, making our next encounter all the more cherished.

Doesn’t matter how long it takes,
it always end up revealing a bigger truth.
In time…


The Works of Time

written on March 10th, 2018.

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