An evening without my demons

I know it doesn’t always seem like it
But, baby, believe me
You’re all I think about

It’s not always for the right reasons, I’ll admit
I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t had my doubts

but baby, did you know
how much my soul burn for a single sleep in your embrace
and how much my heart is hurting every time I see you in distress

do you realize
you make happiness seem so effortless
and do you see
you make loving so easy

There were times that I was thinking
“If we don’t have a future together, then what are we doing?”

But I can no longer ponder
When everything about us is irrational
So I end up crying as I surrender
To the feelings I could never fight

and baby, honestly
Thinking about the future is a luxury
Dare I say we’re dreaming
If talk about vows for a wedding

I won’t yearn to get to have your last name
but all I ask of you is this

Let me cheer for you
In good times
And let me hold you
In bad times

Let me be your strength and weakness
At the same damn time

Let me be the one you reveal your inner child to
and let me be the one you come home to

let me be yours, always.



written on February 22nd, 2018.

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