Australian Water shortage has yet to find an effective way out

by yaraCindy



 Example of possible desalination plant project

Drought, crop failure, water restrictions – is this the future for Australia without a secure water supply? There are solutions, but we may not like them. And will the just completed Wonthaggi desalination plant help Victoria’s water system?

The citizens of Australia have considered the water shortage phenomenon as a part of their lives. They have been conserving water for as long as they can remember. However, this still is an issue for the Australian government to fix. Water recycling and/or desalination plant are the next two solutions that are likely to be applied to Melbourne, Victoria.

CEO of Environment Victoria, Kelly O’Shanassy, argued that the water desalination plant will take up too much energy and will cause the climate problem to become worse in Victoria.

Another possible way to overcome the crisis is with recycled water. That means making sewage water fit to drink. This solution has not been fully accepted by the Victorian citizens, who may understandably show some reluctance to try it.

However, O’Shanassy supported this idea, she claimed that the idea would be more effective if applied, and would not do critical damage to the environment. In the end, the water would be clean and purified, and surely safe to be consumed. She is convinced that the purified water would be way cleaner than the water in the Yarra river right now.

So it comes down to the choice of the citizens, but it seems like we have no choice, do we? Desalinated or recycled, it is better than no water at all.