Dial M for Murder: Police released news about 7 accused in the killing of Raafi

by yaraCindy

The Police are still in the process of expanding their investigation regarding the stabbing incident that killed Raafi Aga Winasya Benjamin (17) at SHY Rooftop Cafe, Kemang, South Jakarta Saturday (5/11/2011).

They just recently captured the 7 individuals accused for the beatings that killed the student of Pangudi Luhur High School Jakarta. They have also established the main suspect, accused for stabbing Raafi with a clasp knife, Sher Febri Awan (42).

His accusation referred to Article 338 of the Criminal Code on murder with a maximum prison term of 15 years, as well as article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code together in public to the threat ofviolence against people with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years 6 months andor Article 351 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code of the persecution that resulted indeath of a person with a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment.

When the rest of the suspects were snared with the article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code together publicly commit violenceagainst people, under penalty of five years and six months in jail and or Article 351paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code of persecution that resulted in death of a person with the threat of punishment for ever 7 years in prison and or Article 55paragraph (1) to 1 of the Criminal Code as one who does, ordering or participatingcommitting a criminal act.

The 5 suspects includes the wife of the main accused, Febri, which is Connie who was present when the stabbing occured. As well as 2 of the SHY rooftop cafe staff, for the accusation of trying to hide evidence of the incident that happened.